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Grainworks was established in 2013?? as they had seen a real opportunity in the market between seller and buyer with the lack of transparency and service in the industry. Since then Grainworks has since consistently grown to be one of the best known brands in the industry. With the head office located in regional Victoria and being able to service clients throughout Australia.

The Grainworks team are an experienced and professional and pride themselves on their relationships with both buyers and sellers and a keen desire to help identify both quality and price for their clients. This has come through establishing strong relationships and a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry.

In order to provide competitive pricing for grain growers it is important to form close working relationships with end users, something we have been able to achieve with many of the feedlots and stock-feed manufacturers. The majority of our buying is concentrated on wheat, barley, sorghum and corn, but we are also active in faba beans, lupin, canola, chickpeas, triticale, cottonseed, sunflower, soybeans, bird seeds and linseed. Our industry knowledge allows us to help both buyers and sellers to make educated decisions regarding market conditions.

Grainworks is proud of its reputation over a number of years as being reliable, efficient and respectful of relationships we have built. In addition to these core strengths we have a significant number of growers with whom we have been conducting business for many years. Our marketing activity across a wide spread of commodities allows us to provide competitive pricing on the spot for both growers looking to sell and consumers needing to buy.